June 11, 2010

Work Mystery

With all of it's fun, awkward get-togethers, and forced shared enjoyment of life milestones, the one thing that really perplexes me about the workplace is people who forget about their food in the fridge for weeks on end.

I just do not understand the concept of forgetting about your food. 'Cause honey, if I got food to eat, you best believe I'm gone eat it.

Sure, I've seen people leave run of the mill stuff like leftover spaghetti. But sometimes people even forget about their dank leftovers from restaurants!!

That truly blows my mind. The longest I've ever gone without thinking about my food is like 10 minutes, and that's only if I'm on the phone or doing something where a snack is involved.

I wish there was a social rule that said it was ok to ask people for their food if they haven't eaten it within 2 days of bringing it to work. Maybe I'll start a petition...

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