June 29, 2010

He works medium to hard for the money

Trust me when I say that I know in advance, this is going to sound mean.

But when someone lists their occupation as "Retail Manager" (i.e., Frank, from the Bachelorette), does that make anyone else think that maybe the shift supervisor at the local Verizon store is just giving himself a fancy job title?

I know stranger things have happened.

For instance, my husband was at one point a Cleanliness Maintenance Associate...aka a Janitor. Sadly, he only lasted a day and a half at the job and was forced to pursue other dreams.

Not that there's a damn thing wrong with working at Verizon. I just don't want giggly little Ali (Bachelorette) to marry Frank thinking he's a commercial real estate tycoon, and then end up watching him sling cell phones from 2-9pm Monday-Friday, and every other weekend.

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