June 09, 2010

Free Idea

Someone needs to invent a special type of packaging where you just undo a string or rip off one piece of tape, and Voila! the gift is revealed.

I am very lucky to have received some absolutely lovely wedding gifts from my friends and family.
Unfortunately, though, I have not received industrial strength gloves to assist me in opening the packaging they come in.

I literally spent an hour last night trying to open 3 presents.

The whole thing is like a box within a box within a box, wrapped in bubble wrap, within another box, wrapped in wrapping paper, in another box.

And wouldn't you know, our recycling people only pick up the boxes if you break them all down into flat cardboard.
I'm not "complaining" because I love the gifts, but I doubt I'll be able to use any of them for serving until all of the cardboard and paper cuts on my hands heal.

Someone please invent this! I can't ruin another manicure!


  1. I think the invention you're looking for is called a husband, and I'm pretty sure you have one now :)

  2. Hahah, good point. But not only is he living away for the summer, he throws all the cardboard in the trash and then I have to take it out so the recycling truck doesn't throw them back in our yard! I'm working on it ;)