November 15, 2011

Smokey Hair Everywhere

Last night my husband and I put on our Sunday best least disgusting jeans and went on over to Great Clips to get tandem hairdids and cash in a coupon...$7.99 just can't be beat.

Luckily the hair cut was unremarkable, unlike the Peter Pan haircut of early 2011, the non-hair cut of the 2010, the bleeding eyebrow incident of this summer, and/or the "Hello, my name is Angel. How may I service you" solicitation of 2006. One thing that was not unremarkable, however, was the pungent smell of cigarette smoke on Ebony's hands.

There is really nothing like getting a haircut from a smoker. Every time that stranger's hand caresses your face, you smell like a cigarette is up your nose. And in this case, that cigarette smell was attached to 2 inch long fake nails. So there was even more capacity for stank storage on each digit.

She was nice though so it wasn't that big of a deal. Just kind of gross. Oh and it cost $8 to get my there's that.

Last thought: Does anyone else think the name Ebony is borderline hilarious. It's like if I was named Ivory, just because I'm white. Or me naming my child "Genetically prone to sarcasm." Isn't that a little too obvious?

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