November 30, 2011

Dash Baby #2

In rip my hair out Kardashian news - Kourtney is pregnant with her second child.

First of all, if I was Bruce Jenner I would kidnap my 2 biological daughters and move to Switzerland to save them from the fate of the Kardashian _____? Empire? I feel like that gives them too much credit...but nonetheless an empire it has become.

How does one keep up with the non-normal news of sooo many children.

Rob on Dancing With the Stars. Khloe pimping her unisex fragrance (really...unisex fragrance...really??) Kim being married for so little time I want to slap her for sullying the good name of marriage. And Kourtney getting oil enemas up her butt and procreating yet again with her gel-haired boyfriend who she seemingly hates??

It makes the small things in my family's "big news" seem like child's play compared to these dark-haired fame whores.

Obviously it's not my business and I shouldn't care because, as I keep needing to remind myself, I don't even know these people. But it makes me angry that Kim would flaunt her million dollar marriage in everyone's face and then call it off 72 days later. Some girls never find that certain special someone to trick into marrying them. And then Kourtney goes on her own show to demonstrate to the world that she loathes her baby daddy, then announces to the press a week later that they are expecting another child. This when some people who actually love their husbands can't get knocked up at all.

My point: If you are going to shamelessly flaunt your successes to the entire world on national TV, at least pretend to be happy about it.

Quit being so hypocritical ya spoiled brats!

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