November 16, 2011

Sweet Treats

Grant signed up for a Bake Sale this week. And some how I ended up thinking of the recipe, buying the ingredients, and making the treats...How did that happen??

But that's ok, because I thought of a cute, easy idea!

All you need is these 4 ingredients.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (premade)

2. Sugar Cookie Dough (premade)

3. Rainbow Chip Icing

4. Cream Cheese Icing

The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Bake the cookies.

Make the cookies into little sandwiches with icing in between. I put the Rainbow Chip in between the sugar cookies.

And the Cream Cheese Icing between the chocolate chip cookies.

Somehow the cookies really deflated in the cooking process, which made my cookie sandwiches look a little lackluster. But they were still delicious. I would know because I ate one and then subsequently wanted to vom. I do not handle sweets well. Mexican Chicken Casserole on the other hand, I can take down!

I bagged each sandwich individually with Saran Wrap and a little ribbon.

Easy, peasy, cheapy! I hope it makes some good money for that good cause that my husband couldn't remember the name of!

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