November 01, 2011


As I think about it more, I'm mad at Kim Kardashian. I think 99% of people think she's absurd. But I've always had her back! I actually respect the fact that she made millions out of doing nothing (aside from the whole sex tape thing). We may all scoff at it but what girl in the world wouldn't gladly be known for doing nothing if you had a multi-million dollar net worth, all the clothes man could make, and a manicure and pedicure every single week?...

I know, probably lots. But for the sake of my argument let's pretend...

That being said, Kim, I stood up for you when people called you worthless/pointless/talentless/etc.

And I actually believed in your sham of a union because I wanted to see you happy. You have disappointed me young lady.

But my real thoughts here go out to Vera Wang. That skinny little genius made Kim not 1, not 2, but 3 wedding dresses for her "big night". And I think they were all free to Kim. If I were Vera I would be soooo PISSED!

You're burnin' bridges Kimmy. First with Vera, then with me. One of those might actually hurt your reputation if you're not careful!! (Hint: It's not the loser with the Diva blog.)

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