November 30, 2011

Hot to Trot

This is hella random, but I feel like this is something I need to share to the world...and my 60 readers.

Hardee's is amazing.

I went to a Hardee's for the first time this past Sunday. You know, just to give one last kick in the pants to my jeans button after copious Thanksgiving feasting. I left feeling utterly satisfied with service and quality. And just a little bit fatter than before.

First of all, our food took about ten minutes to be delivered to our table. A 10 minute wait might not be what you want when you are choosing fast food, but I personally take great comfort in knowing that my food is being prepared fresh and not just dumped in a fry basket.

Second of all, they had this on the menu:

Oh my stars. This was just what I wanted. Rarely do I find a buffalo chicken sandwich in which I have to make zero alterations. Usually I have to at least sub blue cheese for ranch and add onions.

Not so with this guy. This sandwich automatically came with everything my heart desired. T'was glorious.

I have to admit I've had a few buffalo chicken sandwiches that are better than this, but not many. And I can assure you that says a lot because I rarely see a buffalo chicken sandwich on a menu without ordering it sans hesitation...which could explain a lot about my thighs.

I definitely don't want to make a habit out of this fast food delight, but if you're in a pickle/hungover and you need something covered in buffalo sauce and made with a great attitude, look no further.

Now excuse me while I clean up my drool off of my keyboard and go buy stock in Frank's Red Hot Sauce. I don't know who Frank is personally, but he has made my life infinitely better with his peppery sauce. I <3 you Frank!

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