November 22, 2011

Run the World (and the afterlife)

I've wondered my whole life why seemingly unusual situations always happen in my presence. At first I thought I was just exaggerating to myself. But, no, weird, amazing things continued to happen to me. My sister has called me a "chosen person", which I kinda loved. But that still just wasn't explanation enough.

After taking my second Zumba class last week, in which the gay attendees were basically just multiplying at the door before the class started, it finally dawned on me. These aren't just weird incidences that happen in my life. I am in my version of heaven!

This is my afterlife...And I must have been super awesome in my past life to deserve this. Because there is just no way my life can be this random.

This notion was proved throughout the next hour when one of the gays Zumba-ed so hard that I felt the ground shake beneath him. And when someone requested "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce and I got to do the actual choreography from her music video with the 0% coordination that I was blessed with. If that isn't heaven on Earth I don't know what is.

And just try to dance or sing to that song and not feel like the most powerful woman on Earth. Listen to it here. I dare you.

Next time I end up with a coworker who brags about his Japanese bathtub, a random encounter with a stranger that is just NOT normal, or accidentally wear shoes without knowing that they actually look like jazz boots, I don't have to wonder anymore! Life isn't weird. It's the afterlife that's really crazy!

Crazy awesome.

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