November 27, 2011

Ice Cream Sundays - Cheesecake Brownie

How do they do it?!?!

This luscious, luscious flavor of ice cream tastes JUSt like Cheesecake and Brownie mixed together.

Hats off, Ben and Jerry. You really know how to peg down a flavor. And not only did this taste authentic, it tasted like AMAZING!

I had this plain. It was incredible. I had it with a piece of warm Chocolate Chestnut Pie. It was OUT OF THIS WORLD.

If I still wasn't so madly in love with the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor, this one would be my #1 choice. But Strawberry Cheese gave me that hug, and that's kind of hard to top.

Somehow this flavor was even romantic...if that's possible!?? I don't know. Just try it!


Flavors Tried - 7

Pounds Gained - This is really sad...I thought I had actually lost about 2 lbs over the last months, but then I realized that my scale just wasn't zeroed and I've actually gained 4 lbs. I l'trally almost cried. And then I realized that's so pathetically hilarious that I craughed (simultaneous laughing and crying). Oh well, only 40 more flavors to try then I'll start that diet ;)

Favorite Flavor: Still Strawberry Cheesecake!

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