January 05, 2010

Truth Serum

I may not me the prettiest, the skinniest, or the richest gal in the world, but I might be the luckiest. (Or maybe I am all those things and more!!! ;) jk)

I always knew I had the best parents and sister and boyfriend in the world, but this week I realized I might also have the best friends in the world!

Holla at ya girl Mamacita if you also have a bff that needs a shout out.

Good friends are great. Great friends are awesome. But best friends need to know that they change your life for the better and make you happy.

Clothes may make you feel fierce. Handbags you have been waiting 2 weeks for may be delivered while you're at work with a Fedex note that requires an indirect signature and, thus, get to you a day late. But best friends are forever. Never forget that divas!

1 comment:

  1. Please share your good friend experience! And, I hope you get to actually hold the long-awaited bag today! That has really been toying with your emotions.