January 27, 2010

My head hurts, I need to talk it out

I'm not going to criticize these people's decisions, because it is their life to live how they want (and because I'm afraid my anonymous hate commenter will say something mean to me).

However, I am going to try to say this out loud to see if I'm understanding this correctly.

Thomas and Scott are expecting a child. Scott is the one carrying the baby, because he still has female organs on the inside. However, he is attracted to men and wants to be a guy.

Herego, Scott = pregnant, possibly former straight, transgender woman, who is a technically a lesbian b/c Thomas is a "man".

Thomas, who also used to be a woman, has 2 kids from a previous relationship with a woman. So he used to be a lesbian with a woman and is now a gay man with another former woman.

Herego, Thomas = transgender woman, who is also technically a lesbian and a gay man.

So these two people used to be lesbian girls, and are now gay men with a baby on the way.

Doesn't it seem like they could've skipped the middle steps and just been lesbians? Either way, I hope the child is happy and healthy and gets counseling really early in life.

This is sooo confusing. If I had to figure all this out before I'd even had my first child, I'd just go live on a convent.

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