January 12, 2010

Movies are not real life

According to this article, people are leaving Avatar feeling depressed about not being able to actually go visit the utopian island.

I wonder if the same people left Beavis and Butthead the Movie feeling sad that they weren't animated idiots.

Or if they left Forever Young upset that they couldn't be frozen in time for a few decades.

Or if they left Men in Black sad that they didn't have a hilarious, black coworker.

It's just a movie people, not real life. Unless you had to pay $10 to come into this world, you should notice the lack of parallel between real life and the Grande Theater on Friendly Ave.

Next someone is going to tell me that they actually believe what they see on the news!

Image via http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1242409/The-Avatar-effect-Movie-goers-feel-depressed-suicidal-able-visit-utopian-alien-planet.html

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