January 26, 2010

Quintessential - part uno

Many moons ago, my sister interned and lived in a group house in DC with about 8 other people she'd never met before.

Before I came to visit her one time, she tried to describe her bunk mate to me. "She is really quintessential."

Well, I tried to explain that that isn't how the word works. You have to be the quintessential something (i.e., romantic, nerd, jock, etc.).

Response: "Well, whatever, she is really just a quintessential."

I finally come to meet this girl and it turns out she was right. She was, down to her core, a quintessential. I know this doesn't really make sense, but it was something I could just feel in my gut. She was the quintessential everything and the quintessential nothing. She was, in essence, just a quintessential.

The definition of this word is actually the most perfect embodiment of something. So technically it works, I just don't know what that something was.

She was actually really nice. We nicknamed her quintessench....to be continued...

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