January 14, 2010

Push, push, push

I feel like I am in my third trimester of pregnancy, which I will nickname Winter, and it is miserable.

I can't wait until the end of March when my precious little baby Spring comes into the world. She will bring with her warmth, sun, and the ability to get out of bed in the morning.

This third trimester is killing me. My lower back hurts, my knees ache, and just this morning I woke up with a curious thought? Why did my face feel like an ice cube? Oh, sweet delight, the heat went off in the middle of the night again. Nothing like a house below 50 degrees to wake up you right up in the morning and put you in the best mood ever!

Just three more months...I just hope that I can get through it without any further complications to my psyche and/or my heating system. Hee hee hooo. Hee hee hooo.

Side note: I am not actually with child. It was just the most dramatic metaphor I could think of to describe surviving winter. Mazel tov!

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