January 20, 2010

Land's Beginning

I think that Land's End should change their name to Land's Beginning, because they are always cutting edge when it comes to practicality and comfort.

Today, after waking up in my luscious and soft Land's End sheets, I got dressed for work, choosing a well-priced Land's End button down, collared shirt...which I did NOT have to iron, because they take care of that for you!!

Ususally I don't even wear these types of shirts to work, but today I did because I have something important (and top secret) to do after work, so I needed to look a little nicer.

Around 9:30am this morning, terror struck! I spilled a little bit of hot chocolate on my shirt! This was not going to be good for my secret mission.

Luckily, to my delight, I just dabbed a little itty bit of water with a paper towel, and VOILA! It disappeared. What a relief!

Here's to the future of low-maintenance clothes! Thanks Land's Beginning!! You're really swell!
Bonus feature: By shopping at Land's End, you can save almost a whole decade of your life by becoming your mother 10 years earlier than expected !

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