January 26, 2010

On the Wings of a Crashing Plane

While I respect the fact that Jake from "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" seems to be genuinely "looking for a wife", I respect even more his ability to bring the drama!

Even though he was only required to eliminate 2 girls on last night's episode, he eliminated 4! And, at one point, he even went about 600 yards out of his way to burn the extra rose, instead of just throwing it away, or putting it in a compost pile.

And while I do love the unnecessary drama, I think my favorite part of the show is his and Chris Harrison's constant referral to how Jake came here to "find a wife".

A) That is sooo not how love and nature work, duh! and B) That makes it sound like he came to a trade show to pick one out, or like he is an Avatar and he is waiting to see which girl his body is the best host for.

For a show that goes so over the top with red roses, elaborate dates, hair dos, and cocktail dresses, they sure don't romanticize this whole "finding a wife" jargon.

That said, I hope it's Ali. That said, who cares who "wins", because I'm sure that relationship will end before the reunion airs anyway.

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