January 26, 2010

Quintessential - part deux

Flash forward about 8 years...I'm in my first of 5 writing classes that I signed up for.

After not being able to find a place to park for 15 minutes, I arrived to the class about 2 minutes late. Not ideal, but no big thang.

Then I hear this "Someone get this girl a name tag! We don't know who the person is!"

And immediately, it struck me like lightening! I was in the presence of a pure bred quintessential, only this time it was the evil kind that never stops talking and thinks they are hilarious.

My skin crawled as she later told her part of her group story. Instead of her character going to "the store to get milk." She went to "the stooooore to get miiiiilk."

Every word she uttered was a minimum of 10 seconds, accompanied by a dramatic facial expression that always opened her mouth just enough to let out a little bit of coffee breath. I never trust anyone who drinks coffee after 8pm.

I have 4 more sessions of this class and God willing I won't ever have to be in her group. If I do, maybe I can write about some sort of juxtaposition of good and evil quintessentials. I'm sure that will make me a lot of new friends.
Basically, quintessential is the new "je ne sais quoi". Only now it's not really a compliment.

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