January 20, 2010

Spontaneous Resolution

I randomly didn't drink any diet sodas on Monday. Then I didn't drink any on Tuesday kind of on purpose.

Now it's Wednesday and it's official intentional. I always hear people say sodas are terrible for you so I've decided to quit. That, and the fact that I could really use that $30 extra dollars I probably spend on sodas every month.

I already feel a difference! Unfortunately, so far, it's a negative difference. I have been in a major funk the last 2 days and I am very sleepy. This could be psychological, because I was typically only having 2 diet cokes a day.

But either way, I do not like knowing that something like a soda could make me in a happy or sad mood. I want to control my own destiny from now own, so VIVA LA AGUA!!

Wish me luck! I don't really care if I succeed, because I've got bigger fish to fry when it comes to beautifying myself, but it's always fun to have a little experiment!

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