August 22, 2011

Where fun and fantasy fall in the ocean

A funny thing happened on the way to a random creek today.

I was out on the boat with the fam, passing through a crowded area near Wrightsville Beach, when a girl in the boat in front of us lost her hat to some wind gusts.

Luckily we were right behind her to scoop it up with a hook. Any guesses where the hat was from!?

Priscilla's...You know, "Where Fun and Fantasy Meet!"

If I was out on the water and the boat behind me tried to rescue my hat, that I somehow obtained from a sex toy and lingerie shop, I'd duck behind the side of the boat and tell the driver to gun it.

She, however, patiently waited for us to return it to her...with her mom, dad, and little sister on board. Clearly she had no shame. And now she has no sunburn on her face because she got her hat back!

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