August 02, 2011


I saw this infomercial on TV and had a nice little chuckle. Seriously, what will they think of next?!

Introducing the know...because wearing a real shirt is hard.

For the bargain price of $10, you can get 4 of these quarter-shirts, plus a surprise gift. I'm tempted to order this just so I can see what the surprise gift is. Maybe just the top part of a sock, so people will know you are sophisticated enough to wear socks, without you having to actually go through the hassle of putting the whole cumbersome thing on your foot.

On an serious even more ridiculous note, can you even imagine a guy's reaction if you were to go back to his place, seductively take off your uber-sexy cardigan, only to reveal what is essentially a bib with buttons on it.

I'm afraid that, even after all of Justin Timberlake's hard work, you would end up setting sexy back about 4 decades.

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