August 02, 2011

All over the place

Thanks for all of the well-wishes for my new job at the bakery today. It was, in a word...nonexistent.

I actually got offered a better job a couple of days ago and decided to take that one instead. So my dreams of breakfast pastries and minimum wage will have to wait.

I told my sister today about my new job and lamented how I was going to have to tell everyone I bragged to about my bakery job that I'm going back to being a corporate stooge. She is also having some reflections on life and jobs, etc. and put it pretty hilariously when she said, "Oh my gosh. I bet mom and dad are equal parts proud and terrified for us."

I laughed so hard I craughed. I can't think of a better way to say it.

I went from having no jobs, to one jobs, to 2 jobs. And she is simultaneously loving and hating every part of her life now too. So we are pretty stable children to say the least.

Oh well, at least we both have jobs. And, if she ever leaves hers, I have an extra!

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  1. Remember our attempt for summer jobs at the grocery store in Wilmington?? Last month, I applied for a part time job as a testing proctor at a local college and got denied...evidently our trend of getting turned down for minimum wage job continues!