August 04, 2011

Jersey Wedding Soup

Oh Happy Day!

The new season of Jersey Shore starts tonight! And I am more excited than ever.

I think it's because I've watched about 10 of the old episodes this week, with commentary! FYI, if you also thought that watching Snooki be Snooki couldn't get any better, you were wrong. Watching Snooki be Snooki while listening to Snooki commentate about herself is infinitely better.

Usually I don't watch things live, or at all really, since summer TV is terrible. But since I'm at my parents' house that has no DVR, I'm staying up as late as I need to to see every last minute of the Jersey Shore gang's foray into Italy.

Fist Pump!

1 comment:

  1. I watched the trailer today and am ILL that I'm not able to watch tonight! Every time I watch Snooki I wish I was with you because we could comment/giggle about every.single.thing. she does. Amazing.