August 31, 2011

Chick Beer!

Oh my, my, my.

This is too much. Chick beer.

I love the catch tag, "Finally, a beer just for women."

Because Michelob Ultra, MGD 64, and But Select 55, and Mike's Hard Lemonade aren't enough?

"The bottle is designed to reflect the beautiful shape of a woman in a little black dress. The six-pack looks like you are carrying your beer in a hip stylish, purse. Chick’s unique reflective bottle blings you up! It’s fun, fabulous, and female!"

This is amazing because it implies that it is normal, nay stylish, to carry beer around in your purse. I'm pretty sure that's the sign of a good time a serious alcohol problem.

Kind of cute idea either way. The little black beer dress is timeless.

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