August 01, 2011

TMF- Too Much Fat

Usually I try to eat right and work out a lot during the week, then indulge one day of the weekend.

Well this weekend I indulged my ass off. Naturally, I got Jersey Mike's for lunch on Saturday because it's the best place on Earth. Then Saturday night, due to some fatigue from an awesome couple-blinddate that we had Friday night, we bagged all plans to go out and ordered a pizza from Antonio's Pizza and Pasta.

As usual, we ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Only, it wasn't the usual BCP. It had fried chicken tenders on it.

I know I was eating a damn pizza, but fried anything is just too much for a pizza. I'm not going to give up on Antonio's altogether, because the cheese was high-quality and the execution of the crust was flawless. But next time I might try some plain ol' cheese.

Time to reboot on Monday and eat healthy every day...until the weekend comes again ;)

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