August 03, 2011

Let me tell you about your family

Because I am so annoyed with the excessive amount of crap people are putting on the back windshields of their cars, particularly the "family" decals that are everywhere, I've decided to fill in the blanks about these families.

That's right, I'm taking the incomplete information they are giving me in the form of glorified stick figures, and I'm giving them back made up personalities for all these stick-on jabronis.

Take, for instance, the picture above.

The dad is wearing a tie with shorts and a short-sleeve collared shirt. The only thing I am more sure about than this being a fashion faux pas, is that this man also wears Hawaiian shirts on the weekend.

The eldest daughter is wearing a tutu, but she might want to put her ballet dreams on hold...because she only has one leg.

Oh and your baby looks like Bam Bam.

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