April 13, 2010

You might as well take a sick day tomorrow...

if you plan on participating in this Glee drinking game.

You must drink every time…
- Sue says something that would create a lawsuit in a real workplace. So, basically chug whenever she speaks.
- Rachel wears argyle anything.
- Anyone mentions pregnancy. Yes, even the fake one.
- Someone gets slushied. (This applies to recaps.)
- Finn wears sports paraphernalia.
- Mercedes out-sings Rachel. Double down if the scene gives you goosebumps.
- Kurt talks about fashion. Or Lady Gaga.
- Anyone points out that Vocal Adrenaline is scary good.
- Finn and Puck glare at each other.
- We’re reminded of Emma’s intense germophobia.
- Artie wears a sweater vest.
- Puck talks about sex.
- Tina speaks. Wait, that never happens. Just drink anytime that Tina is in the frame.
- Quinn reminisces about her days as a Cheerio.
- The guy whose name I don’t know because all he does is dance, dances.

I would play if I had an opponent, but sadly I will be tuning in to this masterpiece alone tonight. Although, if I get really lonely I could always call my friends Pinot and Grigio to come play :) They are always there for me.

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