April 27, 2010

Diamonds are a GIRL'S best friend!

I only know one man in real life that actually has a diamond on his wedding band, and I think it is beyond strange.

When you're living in small town North Carolina, and not gettin jiggy wit' it with P. Diddy and the gang out in Los Angeles, the basic rule for everything is KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Nonetheless, said man-bling got me to thinking about other taboo man jewelry. (Side note, I think all man jewelry besides wedding bands is taboo.)

That's when I found this.

I have some advice. If your husband-to-be asks you for his own engagement ring, be concerned.

Unless you are marrying Liberace, your man should feel comfortable letting you be the one in the relationship with the jewelry collection.

What do you think about man jewelry? Is a gold necklace a deal breaker for you too?

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