April 23, 2010

I do...not know how to control my laughter

I just got my marriage license. It was freakishly easy.

The only challenging part was reciting an oath in tandem without laughing.

Half way through I seriously had to fight back laughter because I realized, after 5 years of dating, a year of living together, traveling across the country twice, and countless other great and not neccessarily perfect times together, I have never recited anything with my fiance.

This seems pretty obvious because when do you ever recite things with people, unless you are in a cult or the Boy Scouts?

But suddenly I was like "Woah, this $h*t is for real!" I'm saying this oath with my hand on the Bible and in front of a Register of Deeds employee with the most severe redneck bob I've ever seen. (You know the type, short and upward in the back, with two very much longer situations in the front?? Kind of like the picture above but much worse.)

Anywho, I didn't cold feet or anything. But I realized it's official. I'm getting married and I finally have my very own Mr. Mamacita! Very wierd and exciting!

1 comment:

  1. haha I don't remember having to recite anything in tandum. I think I would definitely laugh though. How silly!