April 22, 2010

We Should All Be So Lucky

Ever heard of Fatorexia?

ME NEITHER! But it sounds awesome!

"When I looked in the mirror I saw an attractive face, with immaculate make-up and perfectly groomed hair. I always had manicured nails, wore gorgeous shoes and chose my clothes carefully."

If this beotch wasn't 252 pounds, I'd say she was a little cocky!

Check out the article. If this condition ends up spreading around the world, swimsuit season just got a lot more interesting!


  1. High self esteem is awesome, but not when it comes from ignorance...I'm glad when people can accept themselves for who they are, I just hope she can accept that she will probably become diabetic and die prematurely :(

  2. I completely agree! There is nothing better than high self esteem. But being unhealthy isn't worth it!

  3. Total rubbish. Also, I'm oh so curious to taste "Yorkshire puds."

  4. Wow. It looks really healthy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yorkshire_pudding.

    The first words that jump out at me are "batter", "oil", and "very hot fat".

  5. Hi - I guess I am not so cocky as I am just a touch under 252 lbs. Good website though. I am getting hundreds of emails from fat women like me from the USA who know the connotations of being fat BUT it is only by understanding and accepting FATorexia that I have been able to stop getting any fatter for the first time in my adult life. In the meantime I will be the most fabulous that I can be I will lose the stress and start to look and feel better and move forward a little bit at a time - a time to suit me not anyone else. Watch out America FATorexia is coming and I know that it will help millions of Americans start to look and feel better about themselves and that can't be a bad thing can it? Thanks for the comments and please visit my website www.fatorexia.com Sara Bird x