April 01, 2010


Did you know that shows like Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy aren't real?!

My sister met an "actress" on the streets of NYC yesterday who listed one of her credits as been "on Judge Joe Brown."

Apparently, she and her son were both paid $1200 and flown out to film a "hearing" in which she is suing her son for $40.

Now, I didn't get all the dirty deets on the what the $40 was for, but this makes my heart hurt nonetheless.

What sort of world do we live in when:

A) producers of this show are encouraging frivolous lawsuits by paying people to sue each other!

B) A mother would actually agree to faux sue her son for a measly $40 on national television! It may be fake to you lady, but Child Services and all the folks in your neighborhood might not know that you're jokin'

You gotta respect the law people!

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