April 26, 2010

Strange Encounters

Sometimes even I think I'm lying when I tell certain stories, but I assure you this is true.

I was at a party this Saturday which, not that it matters, was given in honor of my fiance and me. While everyone at the party was making us feel like a big deal and being very hospitable, one individual took a different approach.

Scene: I am at the beer/wine bar at the hostess's house, pouring myself a glass of wine from a bottle that is nearly empty.

Old man in clown sweater approaches holding his wine glass out like homeless people do with their coffee cups full o' change.

"I need more wine. Pwease, pwease, pwease."

Although wierded out by the baby talk, naturally I split the tiny bit left in the bottle with him and begin my exit. Respect your elders divas.

"I want more...I'm just going to take this."

I laugh, assuming he is joking as he reaches toward the glass that I have been using all night and clearly just refilled in front of him.

He wasn't joking.

He proceeded to take my entire glass of wine and dump it into his own glass.

While I was very annoyed that A) I didn't have anymore wine and B) no one was around to witness this shocking sequence of events, mostly I was, and remain, extremely confused.

I must have missed that day in etiquette class...forks on the left, don't talk with you mouth full, and when your cup do not runneth over, steal your neighbor's wine.

1 comment:

  1. who was this man? a drunken dr. huxtable? why was he at your party, given for you, and stealing wine form YOU?