April 30, 2010

Celeb Sightings

Have any of y'all seen lots of celebrities before?

My list of celebrity sightings reads like a Who's Who of Who Cares.

The list includes the following D-listers, with the exception of Julius Peppers (who I also touched on the shouler):

- Frank and Kathy Lee Gifford
- The girls from Clueless (the TV show, not the movie)
- Chris Hardwick
- Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Lisa Ling
- Alan Jackson (who is pretty cool actually)
- Bill Russell
- Jimmy Dean
- And I saw Paul Rudd, who I LOOOOVE!

Lame. Sauce.

I seriously couldn't hand pick a less divalicious crowd.

Hopefully I can change all that tomorrow night :)


  1. Throw in Clay Aiken, and I might stop reading your blog!!

  2. You can't judge a person by the celebrities they have seen!!

    If I had it my way it would've been Beyonce, Mariah, and Whitney!

  3. You forgot Jimmy Dean!