April 15, 2010

Well, son of a B

I seriously have been meaning to blog about my second round of American Idol/North Carolina/Mistaken Identity/DejaVu this whole week. I was just waiting until my brain started working...hello Thursday. But I'm glad I waited because it just got more interesting!

Many moons ago, when Fantasia Barrino was a recent American Idol, I thought I saw her everywhere I went. She is from North Carolina so it didn't seem that far fetched. Basically, every black woman with short hair was Fantasia. Only, none of them were.

Now, flash forward about 5 years. If it isn't mother freakin Anoop Desai everywhere I go! This time it's even worse because he lives in the same general area as me and is an alumni of UNC, where I work. So with Anoop, I pretty much see him everyday. But of course I've never really seen him (except in concert...no comment please).

Now, cut to present day, 10 minutes ago. Anoop Desai in my office! The REAL one!!

I get that this is only remotely interesting because A) American Idol is no longer even watchable, B) Anoop didn't even win his season, and C) I really only saw his hand and leg.

But still!! A celeb sighting is a celeb sighting is a WHAT WHAT!?

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