April 08, 2010

Sad for myself, Hot for TV

Do any of yall out there have any TV relationships that you are really overly emotionally invested in?

I am TOTALLY dying for Will and Alicia on "The Good Wife" to get together. The sexual tension is on fire!!

Additionally, and newly, I am LOVING John Ritter's son on "Parenthood" with Lauren Graham's character. While I'm not a big fan of his Don Quixjote goutee, I adore his character.
Yonger men...growl!

If you don't watch either of these shows, you should. Especially "The Good Wife". I LOVE IT!

And when Will and Alicia finally get together, I might throw a celebration party. Since the UNC Men's Basketball team didn't do anything worth celebrating this year, I have to think of some reason to host a get together!!

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