April 12, 2010

Cats are stupid

Did you know that you are allowed to bring cats/dogs with you on a plane...to your seat!!??

I got on a plane on Friday and was frightened to find out that the girl next to me had a "Pet Taxi" with an animal in it under the seat in front of her.

I thought it was a cat, which I am highly allergic to (and hate). But since I didn't have an allergic reaction I can't be sure.

However, I did have a severe allergic to reaction to the way she was talking to her pet. Baby talk!! It's the worst!

I can't believe with all of the rules involved with flying, that people are allowed to carry on pets.

I think that pets should be limited to land, and baby talk should be outlawed altogether!


  1. I had that happen on a plane also. I was irritated, then got totally distracted by all her Louis Vuitton luggage. Yes, it was real. I ended up paying more attention to that for a while, then she started "shumuky, wookie, woo-wooing" the dog and I wanted to slap her with her totally awesome luggage.

  2. Hahaha, unfortunately, my girl didn't have any interesting luggage to distract from the critter in the crate. I would've loved a distraction though!