November 12, 2009

Undivalike Conduct

I went to another basketball game last night and rediscovered one of my all time hates...the "AIR BALL" chant.

The reason why I hate this chant is 3-fold.
1) It's not nice
2) We are all only human, give a player a break
3) (and this is most important) It's just not clever at all

If you really want to make them feel bad, be ironic or something. The AIR BALL chant is like if I tripped on the sidewalk and henceforth everyone chanted "trip, trip trip" when I did anything. That really is so unoriginal that I wouldn't even be offended.

Instead of chanting nonsense at an opponent that already has no chance at winning, just focus on the positive and cheer for your own team. Because when it comes down to it, they are all better at basketball then you anyway.


  1. One day we wuz out dar hoopin it up at Crenshaw park and dis lil fool musta mist like eight shot in a row, lass one a hairball. We aint even want his lil ass to play, short lil mufucka was da last pick and usually he aint even get picced. NEway, he wuz killin our squad wit all dem misses, so after dat last hairball, somebody donet yelt out, "Bet yo daddy wisht he missed yo mama dat bad." Wooooooooooooooo.....Lil man runt off and we aint never see him again.

    Fass ford 7 yyears, Im watchin ed lover and dre on BET and i see this lil mufucka come on talkin bout his new single blowin up. I was like, yo CALL ME CRAY BUT DAT IS DAT LIL MUFUCKA FROM DA PARK! Sho nuff, lil toine change his name to skee-lo and blowed up. He still cant hoop for shit.

  2. You are a genius Tookie. Can you tell me more about yourself? I heart skee-lo!!

  3. That's a start. Where do you live?

  4. Now Miss Thang, how much fun you think thisd be if let you in dat close so ez?

  5. It's not easy! Will you please tell me who you are? For my Christmas present? Or Kwanza? Whatever works for you!