November 02, 2009

E. of the M.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and had a very interesting experience at the deli counter. I asked the man behind the counter for a half-pound of the on-sale turkey. At $3.97 a pound, I found this to be a very good deal. To which he responded:

"Are you ok with processed meats?" I asked him what exactly that meant and he said "they basically just grind a bunch of turkey and shove it in a bag."

Excuse me, can someone please alert the Employee of the Month board, because I have a nomination. I actually started laughing so hard he probably thought I was the crazy one. Who says that?!

And yes, I got the turkey anyway. I had to turn on my heat today so money's tight. Sometimes, unfortunately, a diva can't have her non-processed meat and eat it too.

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