November 13, 2009

Too much of a good thing

I just went back to the Subway where the angels I have previously referred to work. The meanest one (Sandwich Artist A) was actually really nice today and she gave me an extra piece of turkey on my salad, even though I didn't ask for extra meat! Things were going well.

And then her counterpart got behind the counter and saw the amount of turkey! Mass confusion ensued. Sandiwich Arist B asked S.A. A what the hell she was doing giving me so much turkey and S.A. A told her it didn't matter, it was just turkey. Preturbed that S.A. A had gone against the exact science of Subway meat measurements, S.A. B responded eloquently with a poignant "Girl, you trippin." It was another great Subway rocket-science experience.

Making salads is hard yall!!!

On a serious note though, it was way too much meat.


  1. Are you a real person? How does this stuff always happen to you!?

    All that happens to me is birds pooping on my head. [pouty face]

  2. hahaha, we can't all be so lucky as to have a record breaking amount of bird head poops