November 17, 2009

Stupid Lyrics to Songs That I Love

And I really do love this song:

This is a montage of the extraordinary and deeply bossy lyrics from this masterpiece (
Pat your weaves ladies pat pat pat your weaves ladies watch it while he check up on it,

Now pose for the camera now flick flick flick, pose for the camera

Do an old school dance an old school dance an old school dance do an old school,

Drop drop to your knees arch your back girl shake shake it like that alley cat.

Shake ya derriere in them Dereon’s

Do the scissor leg, touch ya heels touch ya toes

Do the Naomi Campbell walk, Naomi Campbell walk

Snap for the kids, snap for the kids

Snap in a circle three times

My favorite is definitely when she tells us to pat our weaves. Because that's just straight up necessary. Everyone needs a good pat every now and then.

And why, oh why, would you need to snap for the kids? Is that a charity I've never heard of?

Either way, I love it. Go on with your badself Beyonce.

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