October 30, 2009

There's Something There

I was listening to my showtunes today and it occurred to me about “Beauty and the Beast”: In a story that teaches that it’s ok to be different, to not judge a book by its cover, etc., how lucky and convenient is it that the hideous beast costar has a stunning, beautiful singing voice?

When you think about it, what’s being held against your will by a beastly captor in the woods when you can make a two part harmony this like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ysRm_C56UM&feature=related

Seriously, look at this guy. I’m surprised a posture like his can support a quiet whisper, much less a crystal clear alto. I guess it’s true. Sometimes, instead of lemons, life throws you an unlikely duet partner. Ain’t love grand!?

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