October 22, 2009


"I use Proactive," says Diddy in the ad, because it helps "moisturize my situation and preserve my sexy."
I did not alter this quotation in any way, btw.


  1. My fave quote ever. Agree, Tooks?

  2. Nappy Head Nancy,
    Aint got no problems w dem juicy pimple bumps like Diddy. But sheeeeeut,they aint nothin worse than takin a nap over your boy house and gettin some ashy shit all over your face from his couch. I enkurge erybuddy to go out and get they situation proper, moisten up all your nees, l-bows, neccs, throats, errs, scetera. Dont nobody wanna holla at a fool wit dust out his body corners. Myself, aint been trubbled by ashy too much in my time since I throw on some lolo when I wake up, round lunch time, and then after sup.

    Fuck a proactiv spensive ass shit though, J&J will treat yo shit right fo a couple months fo just two g dubs and a abe at the cvs.