October 13, 2009

Model Behavior

Although the odds make it seem highly unlikely, I have actually known about 4 average people who truly think/thought they are models. I am under the impression that what this entails is you, the "model", paying a thieving agency lots and lots of money to take pictures of you and then...well then I don't know what. But I can assure you I haven't seen any of these pictures in Vogue.

Funny story. I got asked to test for model shots once...by a Lifeguard! Keep in mind at this time I was 15 and had just had 8 baby teeth pulled (dental phenom). This was the same day that a different lifeguard asked me if I had gotten hit in the mouth with a baseball. Clearly not model material. I'm really ok with the fact that I'm not a model guys, really. Luckily, I am smart enough to realize when someone is trying to steal my money.

For those of you who might even fall a little bit under this category, please read the above link. It could save your life, if not your looks.

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