October 26, 2009

Honorary Male Diva

I know I bashed his new single last week, but that was last week. This week Adam Lambert is the Honorary Male Diva. Encompassing many of the requirements to be an honorary male diva, Adam Lambert is known for frequently wearing "guyliner", nail polish, high heels, and glitter. Check plus! Also, he sometimes dresses in drag according to pictures of his past so that's another big plus on the Miva report card.

Now let's just hope that the rest of his debut album are of superior quality to that joke he just released about Miracles, and that he screams his way to #1 on the charts.

"Adam Lambert is an equal opportunist: 'I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes'"

Total lack of sense in terms of sexual preference = major points on the Honorary Male Diva scale

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