October 27, 2009

Stupid Lyrics of Songs that I Love

"I still wake up every morning quarter to ten.
I still eat my cereal right at the kitchen table"

-Jesse McCartney, "It's Over"

Ummm, I would totally, willingly have my heart broken if it meant I could sleep in until 9:45 AND eat carbs for breakfast everyday. Lucky teeny-bopper.


  1. Wat kinda serul you thank he eat? Ever since I was real lil, I been eatin serul for brefuss. My favert is raisin brain. Granma told me that raisin brain come wit a heapin of iron to fight back versus nemia and wit fiber dat keep yo main man's backdo workin proper. I mean, I get ridickluss upset when I cant skweeze one out when da siituashun call for it. Ya feels me? So fo me, rainsin brain always been where it at. Sometimes dough, I have hollared at otha seruls when I felt like rainsn brain wont bringin that shit hard wit da prizes in da serul box. So, some furter review of seruls:

    1. lucky charm - who all seen da leprachaun say YEEEAH? mashmellas is too hard. this shit for white people.
    2. count chocula - racist.
    3. apple jack - who new a compooter compny knew how to make hella good serul? this shit tight, but lemme ask you dis, who da fuck is jack? i dont see that mufucka nowhere on da package. them mufuckas stole his idea n don give him not naugh bit of credit.
    4. sugar smax - why dat frog always smilin? he aint even wurrin pants! this serul look like honey buns but taste like my buns' doodoo.
    5. frosted flakes - tony da tiger is a way back around the way kinda cat. i think he took home da international playas ball title belt back in like 72, beat out don da magic juan and all dem otha cats. serul tite but i worry bout da sugar and it givin me tha betes.
    6. capn crunch - look like a slave owner. racist.
    7. trix - you kno dat sayin, trix r 4 kids? well, eber since an unfortchnut misunderstandin at da jefferson elementary playground in hawllowien 1998 i aint been able to be nearby to too many kids, specially not talkin bout dem turnin tricks. evidently, durin 4th grade recess, the law do not look kindly on a grown man dressed like da sugar smax frog.

    Well dats it fo my views on serul, may yo lolo bottles be full and yo l-bows ash free.

  2. That's quite the rundown on serul! Me, I usually eat yogurt or fruit, but this is all very important information! Thanks Tooks!

  3. Thank you, thank you. Peeps this though--yogurt good, but yogurt serius. If you eat too much yogurt, you might get delirious. Keep dat in mine, young peepoles.

  4. What about Cinnamon Toast Crunch? That was a favorite in my house as a child.