October 21, 2009

Diva Rant - Interactive new segment

This segment is going to be an interactive experiment in which you, the blog reader, submit a rant to me, either via comment on a previous blog, or by gchat if I know you (Tookie, this doesn't include you since you won't show your face).

Once I get the rant I will post it and comment on it, unless you have provided ample comment in which I will post as is. The only requirement is that each rant must include the word diva at least once, even if it makes no sense. See the following example below submitted by my Soul sista.

I present to you, the maiden voyage of Diva Rants!

* The 2 years of email reminders you get from wedding photographers because you looked at the pictures...diva

Response: Couldn't agree more!

a) They say it's the last chance to see/order the pictures at least once a month. I don't believe you.

b) Thanks! I almost started to forget the $250 I spent on that bridesmaids dress and why I can't go home for Christmas.

c) Oh yeah, I'm NOT married! Totally forgot...Thanks for reminding me of that too.

Yeah I really want to order lots and lots of pictures. See you in my inbox next month when it's the next last time.

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