October 21, 2009

Accidental Diva

I got some great footwear and blog inspiration this past weekend from my Soul Sista. She experienced the first known accidental BOGO in recorded history. My girl bought herself one pair of flats, one pair of fierce heels from Payless assuming she would get a good deal, because, let's be honest, it's Payless. But, GET THIS, she went straight up to that cash register, put her shoes on the counter, and BAM, BOGO! That's right, she got that second pair for half off! Her wallet and feet rejoiced at this surprising exchange!

But wait, it gets better! The first pair of shoes she wore, that very same night (the BO if you will) were mistaken for none other than a pair of Jimmy Choos!!
The moral of this story ladies, is get your ass over to Payless and get those $9.99 Jimmy Choos because a diva ain't nothing with out a little brand name on the soles of her feet.


  1. FYI - The ones mistaken for Choos were NOT flats. They were extreme, gold, ruffled (yeah I said ruffled) heels. And surprisingly comfy. A total score.

  2. I am on my way there later today. God I love being a diva! And having diva friends!

  3. It really is the best, isn't it!?