October 20, 2009

Fun Yun?

Moral dilema: There are two bags of Funyuns that have been sitting on top of the vending machine at my office since this morning. Now, I don't even know wtf a Funyun is, but I know I love free stuff. Should I take them!? I think forgetful people should be punished so it seems like the right thing to do, but I just don't know!


  1. Take dem mufuckaz! Funyun tase pooty damn good, tookie used to eat em when we was chillin on the porch peepin whips rollin down crenshaw.

    My faverts was dem andy capp hot fries though. oooooooooooooh daaaaaaaaaaamn. Dem bitches would tase so good comin in, but burn so hot comin back out. You be havin warm smells seepin out all day, people be all lookin atchu wavin they noses talkin bout you stankin azz mufucka TWCWC but you aint even curr cuz that shit was mowin yo taste buds da fuck down. Like bussin a big one only wit cheesy crumbs on yo fingaz at da end.

  2. Sooo poetic. I'll grab dem mufuckaz first thang in the mo'nin. Please reveal yourself Tookie. You're my new best friend. Call me every 5 minutes.