September 08, 2011

It takes two

Yesterday my husband informed me that he bought a surfboard. I'd been trying to talk him out of it all summer, but now I'm glad he got the damn thing so he can stop talking about it.

He claimed he got a good deal because the owner was originally asking $550 and he got it for $450. I don't usually talk about specific dollar amounts because I think it's rude. But for the sake of impact, I had to here. Because guess what husband, that’s still a buttload of money.

If I wanted to buy a dress that was originally $1000 it wouldn't exactly be a "good deal" if I talked the seller down to $900. Anyway, the funniest apart about the whole conversation was what reaffirmed my notion that he should never, ever be a salesperson.

He actually said, "Oh, well maybe you could go out with me sometime. The guy who sold it to me said it was really great for couples' surfing." And, yes, he meant on the same surfboard. He was trying hard to make me feel good about that $550.

Yeeeah...No. I don't even swim in the ocean for fear of sharks, and I sure as hell am not about to linger out there for hours every afternoon while my husband learns how to surf with me on the board. That can't be good for our relationship. And I know I can't be good for his buoyancy.


  1. We shouldn't have left town. Where is he going to keep it?

  2. Puleeez go tandem surfing with him...and let me take photos. I'm already LOLing.