September 16, 2011

Tech Glitch

Have you seen the recent commercials for PCs? When some unknowing consumer goes out of their house and these people come in a remodel the whole living room to look like a computer store?

I would be so pissed if someone remodelled my den!

Me thinks that the "non actors" in these commercials are the same ones in the recent Febreeze commercials that are placed in some wretched dungeon and claim that it smells like a field of daises. (i.e., more actual than "non" and more paid than found on the street).

There is no way someone just go "Oh my...gasp! You changed my house! Te he he."

I would be like, "WTF you mu*$@& fuc#@&4! Get out of my house!" And then I'd probably mace them.

Don't mess with a woman's sense of design. Especially if it's for the sake of technology. It will not translate.

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